...Nice to meet you!

Welcome to MY LITTLE WORLD, a film in-production that aims to express the beautiful simplicity of life that often gets overlooked, and to capture the feeling of true friendship and community.

On the surface, My Little World follows a group of young children in a self-made summer soccer tournament, colored by entertaining, dance-like movements. But at heart, the film is an invitation to explore the very delicate inner state of being, the purity of innocence and the longing for warmness, sincerity and blissful co-existence.

As human beings, both young and old alike, we're naturally drawn to those experiences that rejuvenate our lives, especially ones that bring us joy. Sometimes these experiences can come in the seemingly ordinary, everyday moments, such as waking up to a brisk, foggy morning or being surrounded by the festive sounds and aromas of a family meal being prepared. Though they may appear trivial in the face of today's flashy, fast-paced lifestyle, it is these smaller moments that fill our lives with affection and treasured memories.

My Little World hopes to impart such endearing visions of life to child audiences, while inspiring older generations to revisit the beautiful memories of their childhood.