BLUE is a young boy who is overwhelmed by a certain sadness. To help him recover, his family sends him to visit his aunt for the summer. Here in a quiet country town, Blue looks to calm his restlessness. He is shy and withdrawn, but soon finds himself in the company of new friends, in particular a little girl named Tiny.

TINY is younger but very independent. Her infinite curiousity about nature and the world around her is contagious, especially to Blue. Through her eyes, Blue is reacquainted with the sky that stretches on forever and all the grandness from simple, ordinary, everyday life.

One day, through a casual soccer match with the Town Kids, led by Princess, Blue exposes his extraordinary soccer skill. Impressed by his talent, the Town Kids are drawn to Blue, and welcome him into the group. Feeling introverted and uneasy, Blue tries to detach. But in a town that lives and breathes soccer, Blue quickly finds himself entangled.

With bolstered confidence from their new team member, the Town Kids stage a run for the championship in a local self-made soccer tournament, hoping to dethrone the undisputed champ Buffalo Boys. The game is played wherever there are children: amongst the trees, up the mountain, on a riverbank, and even in a submerged rice field, having to dart in between wallowing water buffaloes.

On a magical night under the stars, Blue is finally able to let go of his hurt and embrace life in all its beauty. The summer ends in a climactic soccer match with the entire town cheering on. Blue has found himself in an ever larger circle of friends. In the end, he returns home with a new understanding, and his life remains changed forever.

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